Love is in the air- again

 Interesting. Since some recent posts on sites that are no longer operating, seems a whole bunch of guys have followed me over here now.
 So far, I got a couple swearing they love me and one is saying he wants to marry me. Oh really?
 If people know me well, I’ve never ruled marriage out, at least not entirely. But I’m serious, when it comes to that, and sham marriages just disgust me. It wouldn’t be easy. I think I wud drive any normal guy nuts to be honest. Things would have to be on my terms. I also, speaking frankly, would expect a rather high standard of life. Mostly, and this is crucial, he must be liberal enough not to get involved with my inner life, or whatever friends I would wish to make. I think a liberal marriage that is also loyal, one that is based on respect, is one that is worth fighting for, and well worth enjoying.


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