Western Intervention in Libya- Dealing with the Devil?

If we look at Pakistan, we see a history of western intervention. The country was born out of bloody partition. The west supported military dictators, bankrolled the Jihadis, and undermined the secular opposition.
Pakistan teaches us that it is really silly to expect that western intervention in Libya will result in anything other than pro NATO corporatism of the same type the West tried to impose upon Russia in the 1990’s.
Libya will be dealt with by NATO as a defeated power, looted, popular democacy stifled in favor of pro EU crony capitalism.
Meantime, as in Pakistan, people in Libya continue to perish.
I ask you, NATO, Crusader intervention in Libya. Is it worth it?
The Pakistani experience since 1979 suggests that it most definetly isn’t.
I believe that Russia and China are right to stall a further UN resolution on Syria that might possibly be used to promote more intervention, with disastrous consequences.  
I also believe that Pakistan should exlpore deepening its relations with Russia and China, as should Syria, and possibly even what remains of the central government in Tripoli.
 I support all aspirations of free people, but this is not achievable through western intervention.


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