The Strategy of Tension

Ever wonder why bombs go off every Friday in Pakistan? Even PK Taliban Jihadis are not so inept as to think that this isn’t viewed by mainstream Pakistanis as the murder of innocent Muslims. But the campaign is relentless.
From the Islamist side, Blackwater is the culprit. From the state, it is the mindlessness of the insurgency that must be resisted, somehow, somehwhere, possibly even by allowing expanded drone strike operations.
In fact, the aim of these randomn attacks on mosques and markets is very precise in its aim.
How do I know this?
When I was involved in work against the BNP I encountered an Italian academic who had studied rightism in Western Europe. Pro Nato governments allied themselves with Europan fascist secret armies. The aim? To put society in a state of perpetual fear of Soviet attack with a view to snuffing out left leaning democracy before that attack began. The strategy of tension was to rattle society so badly, civil rights could be severly curtailed in the name of security. In the Pakistani context, this means an automatic return to military rule and the immediate suspension of the Pakistani constitution .
The ISI believe Pakistan is being outflanked by India in Afghanistan. Consequently, it has allied itself with the Haqani network. There are attacks with links that go back to the Pakistani state- comitted by elements of the Pakistani state. This is what westerners find so incomprehensible.
In fact, the entire strategy was developed by NATO, from the 1960’s onwards, and wrought bloody terror across W. Germany, Belgium, and Italy. Democratic states supported right wing terror groups to attack democracy in order to save those democracies from geopolitical catastrophe.
Pakistan is following the exact same strategy. The strategy of tension worked well in containing the European Left, within the context of strong states and strong institutions and little corruption.  This is not the case in Pakistan where the strategy of tension is pushing the state, a weak state, to absolute anarchy. 
The strategy of tension worked in Western Europe. But it is killing Pakistan.


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