Britta Froelicher and Tom McMaster

It seems I have been contacted by a number of people using this blog site to trawl for information on Tom McMaster aka “Amina,” and more specifically on Britta.
I have no “private” communication to turn over to anyone, and if I did, I definetly wouldn’t. You’re trying to establish connections that sorry guys-just aren’t there. I used to comment on Amina’s site, but not one of me posts was political.
Beyond the Amina persona, that I adored, that’s it from my end. I dunno much about Syria and I got no real reason to find out much about it also. I got nothing against Tom you can say- cos I know I got dependence disorder and screw things up sometimes. I definetly got nothing against Britta and have sympathy with her.
I think Tom might have been better with his Amina and married an Arab woman maybe, but that’s another life. 
Syria, Palestine, Arabs in general, to be honest, none of it is my thing and it’s a big fucking turn off overall when viewed on anything other than thru Amina’s eyes, or say Nawal Saadawi, or Ayaan.  Had it not been specifically thru Amina’s eyes, I wud never have bothered reading all that crap. I mean, dismantle the Syrian Republic just to make chaos, armed beardo terrorist groups running the place? Er, no thanks. But it’s up to them- got nothing to do with someone like me. Why should I care? Pakistan- we’ve got another situation entirely.
Democracy? Fuck off. Liars. You used “democracy” as the excuse to destroy stability and oust General Musharaf. Remember when Kerry and Hegel came to us in 2008 and preached to us on how the leader of the Republic had to step down? He did. America made him- in the name of democracy. Now what did we get in return? We got bombs, bullets, drone overlords and blood, that’s what we got. We got 80 Ahmadis killed last May. We got Muhajirs walking in fear. We got the Pakistani Taliban overrruning Swat, 80 kilos from ISB, and a counter offensive that cost thousands of Pakistani lives. We should have fought to the fucking death to keep General Musharraf with us. So is this the same game being played out in Syria? Dunno. Like I said, I got no interest in Arabs whatosever.
We all know how there are plots now against Pakistan, each day, we found new conspiracies. So actually, as Pakistanis, we are suspicious of what’s going on in Syria. But that’s none of my business. If you read Daily Jang, or watch Dawn News, all I can say, no-one believes all these rebels are any good and are just tools of America. As we know, it’s America who invented all these Jihadis to torture us. So?
See guys, my politics is a little different to what ure looking for, I am a secular Pakistani nationalist, I’m against all foreign plots in Pakistan- cos we know what’s the West’s agenda- which is sectarianism, division, and to make us a failed state. Finally, I know nothing about Britta- and wudn’t rat her out if I did.


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