Sex in Pakistan

 In Lahore’s Heera Mandi, the diamond market, the girls mix mujra with the promise of sex. Sold or born into slavery, this dark world of tinny music and strolling youths is all they will ever know. Young men, hordes of them, hanging on each other’s shoulders, hardly see the women as human any longer and will pay 200 rupees in turns, using their mobile cams to film each other debauching their chosen girl. 
 A taxi driver spies a Hijra walking thru the night. He stops, picks him up, and sees no difference between the eunuch and a woman. After climaxing in the Hijra’s mouth, the taxi wallah throws the Hijra from the car.
 She is an Ahmadi student who must take the bus to Medical College. Because she lives in a certain area and professes a certain belief, she is considered fair game and both men and boys will routinely accost her for sex. She carries a little wrist bracelet so that if she is kidnapped, gang raped, and murdered, the police will know where to return the body.
 Shabanna works as a servant in the landlord’s house and her father, who spends his days in the fields, considers  his daughter lucky to be earning 3000 rupees. She has told no-one that she was raped by the landlord on the very first morning she arrived for work and that the attacks have never stopped. She is already pregnant and must find a way to abort the child before she is accused by the village court. 
 Hussain and Bushra think they have found a quiet place for intimacy in the internet cafe where the students gather. They do not know that a tiny spy cam films them. Later, Bushra can be blackmailed into more sex, or the films loaded onto the internet.
 The mullah is proud of his work, that he is educating the young ones in the ways of belief. He prefers the youngest boys, the ones with the doe-like eyes who don’t yet shave and who won’t ask him to use a condom.
 This is our Pakistan. Sex is only ever a transaction of unequals. It is the brutal existence of a society that is pathologically sick.


One response to “Sex in Pakistan

  • Zodiac

    the filth in the country is making people think and ponder over religion and society. I see many Pakistanis doubting and questioning their own beliefs… they are confused… its a sign of progress

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