The British National Party- Twisting the Facts

Yesterday, June 21st, while you’d expect the BNP’s suited thugs to be worshipping the sunrise at Stonehenge, you’d be dead wrong.
The neo nazis instead hauled themselves to Bolton with the intent of stirring up more race hatred. Their target, as ever, the Pakistani Muslim community.
The recent spate of mispublicized trials and media investigations into the alleged abuse of  young, *white* girls has been a gift to the BNP. Nick Griffin, drawing straight from Mein Kampf (consider the passage on-the Jewish youth who lurks on street corners waiting to blood posion blond Aryan maidens), a book Nick read and loved at just 14, wastes no time in laying the problem of national abuse squarely at the doors of the Pakistani community.
This is sickening. Abuse is abuse, and the race of the perpetrators is immaterial. Or it should be. Not however in the BNP’s, twisted, evil racist world where any tradgedy can be exploited.
Picketing Bolton Crown Court, the BNP have no interest in advocating for the rights of abuse victims. When did the color of a victim matter? It does to the BNP. Fact is, most abusers in the UK are white statistically, and most victims of Pakistani abusers are, er guess what, Pakistanis.
We should put pressure on the local authorities to ensure that the BNP is held to account, yet again, for inciting racial hatred, this time, in the most despicable of circumstances.


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