Stuff Nazis like

What do Nazis like? I am not sure, but i think I can guess. Please feel free to add your own thoughts. We start with the creepiest first.
1) Blonde girls with plaits. Especially if they’re from Sweden, but if they’re blonde and from Polska- then no, that’s no good. (but policies do change).
2) Boots, shiny or steel tipped from Prussian cavalry to Dr. Martens. Black only. 3) Black uniforms. Top class is cross between a waiter at the Meridian and senior postal worker. A white shirt definetly helps to create that sophisticaed ‘Nazi diplomat’ look.
4) Weird sounding places to send people to.
5) Symbols (crosses, eagles, intriguing shapes).
6) The occult. Tibet, the Holy Grail, Templars, UFO’s that pop out of the ice.
7) Opera-no, not Opera Winfrey, I mean Wagner.
8) Beer
9) Pseudo science- eugenics and racial science.
10) Jewish, black or Pakistani ‘friends.’ 11) One single enemy who mutates into multiple forms and explains why life is rubbish. 12) Parades, marches, torch lit processions, drums and floodlights.


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