The BNP- Turning Child Abuse into a Money Making Scam

There are some very hostile comments being posted on my site right now and I believe this is in connection with events in Bolton.
As I have stated repeatedly, I believe the BNP’s fund raising and boycotting of Bolton Crown Court is a cruel trick to drub up fear- based support at the expense of community relations. Specifically, the Neo Nazi BNP are attempting to tar the Pakistani community as a nest of abusers and predators. History however shows that whenever this has been done in the past, the intent has always been evil. Nick, a man out to prove he’s got no shame, is using this tragedy to pan handle for money!
While there’s no point in posting hateful comments directed at me, I don’t object to debating the issue in a sane and reasonable manner with any member of the BNP, or with someone who might be in sympathy with them.
You see, I believe in a Britain where hope outshines fear.
What is the man in the picture below offering except hate and misery? This man, below, targets the victims of the abuse a second time over. That is why he was dragged before the courts in 2004- and that, apart from the race hate issue, is why he must be stopped now.
Evil Political Predator- Making Cash from Child Abuse 

The BNP have an obscene article that amounts to incitement and makes Geert Wilders look like Bob Marley.  Claiming the UK’s white, female population as “our girls” – (Nick, they don’t even vote for you), the diatribe against the Pakistani community in the UK starts with an invented quote from an imaginary Muslim on how all Pakistanis want white, female slaves. Their “Great Idea,” is to get normal, decent folks who are seriously worried about grooming to view the issue in a racist context- and then tap you for donations! It’s a SCAM, one done on the backs of these poor victims.
Seriously fucked up crazy stuff.
The article is here, where they beg for donations, but please, take a burf bag before you start reading, such is the insanity of the racist, neo nazi, sex obsessed, conning BNP. It’s sick and yeah, they do sound a lot like the Pakistani Taliban.


5 responses to “The BNP- Turning Child Abuse into a Money Making Scam

  • TJM

    Haters will hate. Just remember that every time some one insults you on line or belittles you, they do so because your words moved them.

  • Shazia

    You rock Jasmine. These nutters ought to be stopped dead. The BNP failed in the elections but haven’t gone away.

  • Free Europe

    Why is it that you are getting so riled about this? You attack Pakistan in one post and defend it in another. The BNP have only told the truth.

  • Summer12

    Jasmine, does Chairman Nick know that you’ve stole his pic?
    Bad Jasmine. They’ll cut your right hand off for doing that.

  • around the world

    Your blog is just more Paki propaganda. Go back to your queer Paki railway station you idiot. The BNP have been round for yonks, long before you even knew where England was on the map.
    If you don’t like the English, it’s a nine hour flight home to your Pakistani cess pit.

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