Pakistani hottie with the body of a houri ready to fulfilly your wildest fantasies.
Just joking.
You’re gonna get some samples of my writing, my thoughts, my dreams and I hope you get turned on by all of them.
I’m a caffeine addict, a Bhangra addict, a news addict, and I got this craving to get one of my novels into print. I live with my ass straddled between the UK and Pakistan and I adore both. I love my mum because she’s always stuck up for her beliefs. I HATE what is happening in Pakistan, but don’t blame Pakistanis alone.
I like sex, but it’s not a part of my life right now, writing is and it keeps me sane.
We’re going to the future and the past, sometimes both at once and we’ll be together in the space between spaces.


7 responses to “About

  • Bug-a-boo

    jasmine, contact me at vennt2001@yahoo.co.uk regarding you last posts at Gay Girl in Damascus

    There are people you can talk to about your situation, you are as much a victim as anyone else who is hurt by deception, possibly moreso due to your condition.

  • Bug-a-boo

    I can understand dependancy, the thing to be wary of though is that the Internet is full of many who are not who or what they claim to be, and if you become dependent on one of those personas you set yourself up to be hurt, moreso that when you are hurt by someone you know because you have to deal with both the loss of the “friend” you thought you had, AND the betrayal by the person behind that online persona.

    People have different reasons for hiding behind made-up identities, it can be fear, it can be for kicks, it can be for the purposes of fantasy and building a self-image that differs to their real-life situation.

    Sometimes, such as in the case of Amina’s blog things can go too far and get out of control and people do get hurt by it, I’m truly sorry that this seems to be the case for you.

    • jasminefrompakistan

      It is. I want to believe she is real even now. I just keep wanting to hold on.

      • jasminefrompakistan

        Me pics were all on Shaadi and lifted back in 2006. I don’t put anything with my face in it, nothing that isn’t already out there and has been so since years. I cant do nothing about it.
        If you get involved with any woman, any place in the Arab world, or anywhere else, purporting to be me, using my pics, then it’s got nothing to do with me. I have already had complaints from 4 different men, one involving a marriage scam with a Turkish woman, supposedly, the rest involving men who wired transferred a woman in Lebanon, one in Cairo, the other two was in Tunisia, if i remeber rightly.
        My face has been used then to con guys out of money, yes, you’re not telling me anything new. My pics were then used to trap guys, so please, don’t get involved with anything cos i got nothing to do with it- at all, those things are scams to trap lonely men.

  • Cold truth

    She’s as real as Heba and Totah and you are:

    Links edited to protect people from marriage scam artists who lifted pictures of J.I. as long ago as 2006 from Shaadi.com
    (Blame Shaadi- and the marriage scammers)

  • TJM

    I feel for you, Jasmine, more than you can imagine

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